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Lamb & Goats


Project Supervisor: Ms. Hernandez

Goats are primarily for the production of quality meat products, and are raised with the intent to provide a buyer with a quality cut of meat (Note* - Not all animals sold will become food products, but if this is a concern of the student, it is suggested to try and find your own buyer ahead of time, before the Lamar FFA Auction). This is a 1 academic year project and it is a goal to earn a profit. 

Typically, if a student is raising a goat project, they will purchase a whether(castrated male) Boer goat. Boer's are the industry standard meat goat.

Lambs are also primarily used for the production of quality meat products, but can also be raised with the intent to help develop quality breeding stock(breeding stock other than cows are not currently available as a project), of a specific breed or type of lamb. Lambs are a 1 academic year project and it is also goal to earn a profit.

Typically, a student who wishes to show a lamb will purchase a Market whether (castrated male), and usually a Hampshire/Suffolk cross or a Southdown, as these are the premier meat type lamb breeds.
Purchasing a Ewe (female) may also be an option for the student and these projects will be sold as a market meat product at the Lamar Livestock Show and Auction.

*Just as with any animal though, it is up to the Buyer of the animal to decide what to do with it, and should a student be concerned with this process, they are encouraged to find their own buyers before Lamar show.*

Student's are advised to expect a minimum purchase price of $450-$500 for all lamb & goat projects. 
Students can spend more money if they choose, though if making a profit is the goal, spending the least amount necessary is ideal. 

Lambs and goats with be brought to the Lamar FFA barn and choosing them will be up to the students. The order of choosing will be determined by chance using the lottery system. The money required to buy an animal at the Lamar barn will be due the day of delivery and given to the breeder.


As with all student raised animal projects, the students are required to cover all cost, care & maintenance of their animal as needed. These projects belong TO THE STUDENT and it is their Entrepreneurship SAE to be responsible for. 

Daily Care: All lamb & goat projects are to be fed quality feed, twice a day. Lambs & Goats also require adequate exercise & time out of their stall and should be walked daily. Their stalls must be cleaned REGULARLY (weekly). 
Many of our students work together to help out as need, and it is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for any animal project to miss a meal. We have a strong support system and their is always someone who is able to help as needed. Please see the barn/project rules for details on consequences...  

 Our FFA chapter has a lot of start up items on hand to help anyone who might need it, but students should purchase their own basic supplies. 
Basic supplies for lambs/goats consist of halters (or neck chains/leather show halters for goats), feed troughs, water buckets, grooming brushes. Students are advised to save up at least $100 to purchase most of their basic supplies. This may or may not include the cost of feed & hay. 

Students should work closely with their adviser to establish a feeding program. Advisers will provide suggestions for feed and/or any supplements their animal might need, but it is up to the student to make the decisions regarding their animal projects. 

Chapter Supplies: 
Advisers will typically have basic health care supplies on hand for any incidents that may happen, but will advise the students on how to care for issues as they come up (and they will come up...). 
The Chapter also has a plenty of Show boxes & Show team supplies for those who raise animals & attend shows. We never discourage a student from getting their own supplies, but the Chapter's supplies are certainly available as needed, and deemed necessary. 

Resources - 
For more information on what it takes to raise a lamb or goat project, please utilize the links below or contact your adviser to set up a meeting.


  • Shopping Dates and Price information will be given at the first FFA meeting of the year(September)


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