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 Project Supervisor: Ms. Infante 

As with all student raised animal projects, the students are required to cover all cost, care & maintenance of their animal as needed. These projects belong TO THE STUDENT and it is their Entrepreneurship SAE to be responsible for. 

Daily Care: 
All pig projects are to be fed quality feed, AT LEAST once a day(twice a day is normal).  Their stalls must be cleaned REGULARLY. 

Many of our students work together to help out as need, and it is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for any animal project to miss a meal. We have a strong support system and their is always someone who is able to help as needed. Please see the barn/project rules for details on consequences...  

Students should work closely with their Adviser to establish a feeding pr
ogram. Advisers will provide suggestions for feed and/or any supplements their animal might need, but it is up to the student to make the decisions regarding their animal projects. 


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